Andrew Garai’s unique Approach!

Andrew has 40 years of competitive experience and high level training over several different sporting disciplines. Sixteen years ago he started studying BJJ (Brazillian Jiu Jitsu) in New York and South Africa while simultaneously studying Judo. While travelling between the USA and South Africa, he began teaching BJJ as well as competing in professional MMA; receiving his BJJ Black Belt in Feb 2017 from Steve Kardian under Team Balance (Relson Gracie, Phil and Ricardo Migliarese).

Eight years ago Andrew decided to move into teaching full time and opened up his first gym. His unique and relatable style of teaching was very well received and in a short time the membership grew dramatically. The strength and conditioning aspect of fighter training proved to be so popular that he decided to open up a new facility where this would be the focus.

Our gym was specifically designed to welcome clients and the layout to cater to Andrew’s specific style of instruction. Due to the high demand internationally for this training he established the online program Evolution X.

This personalized live interactive video stream training is completely unique in that you receive real time, direct, one-on-one communication with Andrew from anywhere in the world; all you need is WiFi. This allows him to use video analysis to ensure you are training with correct technique, form and posture so that you get the very most of each session.